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Gestión de Habilitaciones

Our digital authorization management system increases the transparency of the process, making it simpler and more secure.


It allows you to issue enablement certificates with traceability and safely.

This system integrates with a mobile application for inspectors with smartphones that report to the system with information of their location, expirations, pending items and more data retrieved from the field.

Docuprint provides this service integrated with a one stop solution and prepares your municipality to certify your processes under ISO 9000 standards.

Inspección Móvil

Single case file

Have at your disposal a repository with all the information related to the files of your citizens, automatically combining different sectors of your municipality to enrich the file.

Know the complete history of the file and who were responsible for its editing, throughout any process.


Our one stop solution allows citizens to be treated with all the information that can be accessed instantly, in one single place. Avoid delays, and reduce operating costs. It's use is very simple and does not require special training, since it guides the user step by step, to achieve a satisfactory attention to the citizen, has remote scaling processes, and reference material.


The M1 reporting system is able to inform you of all the certification activity of your municipality, such as non-registered businesses, unlicensed, new businesses, pending, visited, state of assigned businesses. Upcoming visits, revision history, activity history of inspectors. More common pending habilitations, and more.

& Communication
  • 100% Customizable Invoices

  • Direct communication to the citizen

  • Reduce shipping costs by combining multiple services into one invoice.

  • Sustainable & Recyclable Does not require plastic bagging

  • Smart Customization


The municipality within the reach of its citizens.

Speed ​​up the consultations of your neighbors by transporting our terminals to public spaces of greater competition.


It's touch screen and printer facilitate access to information and obtain coupons and payment plans.

Fast and accessible, designed with simplicity to ensure it's usability by all neighbors.

Impresión de Seguridad
Single Ballot Voting System

A voting system in which a single ballot is produced for each district and region, personalized with its corresponding candidates for the positions. We have a great experience, since we produce 75% of the used ones in our country.

Secure Documents

We perform security printing to prevent illegitimate copies of government documents of high sensitivity.

We count on measures to counteract photocopiers, printers & scanners of high, medium and low quality.

Security measures comparable to the euro or the US dollar. Substrates, special inks, photochromic, invisible, thermal and more.

Comercio Electrónico

Allow your citizens to pay their bills with 95% of all payment methods.
Grow your recollection by facilitating the process. With a single integration you enable almost all online and offline payment methods.

Validation of cards in real time. Aligned to international standards of confidentiality and security PCI compliance. In compliance with regional governmental standards.

Soluciones Documentales


These solutions connect you to your customers. They connect their employees, their printing equipment and their information systems. They give you control over your documents and your workflow, helping you improve security, reduce costs, and minimize your environmental impact.


Capture, process and send documents easily and securely in combination with multifunction printers, automating and simplifying capture, document processing, and sending information.
Document management software is ideal for companies with workflows where repeat documents should be scanned.


It is an integrated print management solution that provides accounting, security and access control for your multifunction devices and printers, functions that can help your organization control document costs and ensure the security of sensitive files.
It analyzes each print, copy and scan operation to keep accurate accounting and cost recovery records.


A set of software modules that simplify the creation, variable data printing and distribution of transactional documents and business forms. Wide spectrum of products, specialized by application, such as transactional and "transpromotional" printing, workflow automation, promotional printing and direct web printing.


It is no secret that mobile technology has changed where and how business is done. You can work from virtually anywhere, and with the current mobility of employees, they still need to print in a comfortable way, where and how they dictate the dynamics of business.

Guarda Documental


We analyze requirements, if it is only the storage of historical documents or current documents or if it is necessary to create workflows where it allows the client to digitalize part of the documentation to be stored inside and outside their facilities.


From the labeling to the taking of the reference data of the contents of each box in generic form or with an advanced degree of detail of each document and / or folder that is deposited in each box that is identified with a unique code.


Requests for supplies, boxes and documents in consultation, withdrawal of boxes from or to our custody center. Receipt of documentation and delivery to the user requesting it. Registration of orders, integrity checks.


We prepare the information and then be entered in the database with contents of each box, always updated to allow its subsequent consultation.


Archive your information, we collect it and transport it to our secure facilities. When you need it, we deliver it. It's as simple as that. We provide containers designed to store the documentation of their customers, according to their different types and sizes, achieving the most demanding requirements of capacity, strength and impermeability of the market. When the document is no longer in force, request its destruction.


Bulk and immediate digitalization of archived documents of new documents as part of the workflow. On-demand digitization of physical files stored in our facilities. Representation of text using OCR, forms data, bar codes and manuscripts.


You can check your documents in your office with shipments in less than 24 hours for normal consultations or immediately in case of emergency. You can also check your documents in our custody center or digitally through the internet.

Impresoras de Oficina

scnenario evaluation

We study your needs using industry best practices to recommend equipment and steps to maximize your productivity and lower your costs.

implementation & optimization

We make your equipment operational and maximize your performance, adjusting to your needs to reduce operating costs.

remote monitoring

We remotely analyze your printing fleet to prevent the lack of inputs and ensure the correct operation of the equipment, increasing the uptime and user satisfaction.

automatic support & supplies

Cuando detectamos remotamente que es necesario reponer insumos o una probable falla técnica, enviamos con anticipación a nuestro equipo de soporte para suplir la solución y garantizarle el máximo tiempo de operatividad.

billing & reporting

When we detect remotely that it is necessary to recover inputs or a probable technical failure, we send in advance to our support team to supply the solution and guarantee the maximum time of operation.


Institutional Graphics, brochures & editorial

Brochures, Posters, Magazines, Books, Manuals, Directories, Letters, Notifications, Forms, Personal Cards, Folders, Notebooks, Flyers, Banners, and more.


Order Management
Control and management of inventories
Capacity of consumption projection
Adjustment of processes and capacities
Integrity check
Tracking system
Recount Process
Destruction of materials on the premises.


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